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~ Behind the Camera

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From her early childhood, Suymey Benson was encouraged by her parents to use her creativity to express herself artistically. Her love of all types of design and art forms was instilled in her by her artist father and camera loving mother.


As an adult, Suymey's quest to express herself creatively, and her longing to enjoy her family life more abundantly led her to explore the media of photography.


Upon finding her creative niche, Suymey abandoned the microscope and a budding career in science and heartily picked up a camera to never look back.


As her knowledge of photography matured, Suymey's artistry took new heights, with her intense study of candid photography culminating into a work of passion.


Suymey is a sought after, published, and acclaimed natural light photographer and her work has been described as "a beautiful and magical world of wonder, photo poetry and character ".


Her commitment to grab a hold of time and to capture the essence of her subject is Suymey's trademark as she strives to immortalize her client's treasured memories.


She highly favors candid and natural portraiture all the way and her photojournalistic approach although carefree is meticulous and exquisite.


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