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~The Details

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Suymey Benson is a commercial and portrait photographer specializing in on location photography of children, families, and fashion. Her style is classic, timeless and is focused on personalized sessions that capture her client's real emotions and real connections.


{Your Photo Session}


On your session day and prior to your photo shoot, Suymey will direct your family while allowing those being photographed the opportunity to express themselves while developing a comfort level and enjoying a relaxed photo session experience.


To ensure your family will have a successful session, family members who are not being photographed should not attend the photo shoot. Any distractions should be avoided while the photo shoot is in session.


Sessions last from 1-2 hours to allow all the time needed to obtain the best photos of your family.


{The Location}


The location of your session is completely up to you. Your home, your backyard, downtown, the countryside, and your favorite park, are all wonderful places for the perfect photo session.


Since Suymey Benson is a natural light photographer, she needs abundant natural light to create beautiful portraits. For outdoor sessions, open shade is very important in order to avoid harsh shadows and squinted eyes.


Please remember when scheduling a session outdoors, early mornings or late afternoons just before sunset are best for appropriate lighting.


Suymey has scouted out many great locations and is happy to give you recommendations. These locations have great backdrops, wonderful lighting, and diverse landscapes and have proven to photograph well countless times in her other photoshoots.




With newborn sessions, please call Suymey before the birth of your child so she can plan her schedule accordingly. Then be sure to notify her once your little one arrives so that she can assure a date is reserved for you.


The best time to photograph newborns is within the first 2 weeks of life. Newborns tend to curl up and sleep more and are easier to "pose" at this age.


{What to Wear}


What to wear is a question Suymey is asked frequently, and since clothing choices are very important to attain portraits you will treasure for years to come here are a few recommendations.


Don’t be afraid of color!


Bright, colorful clothing always photographs well. If more than one subject is being photographed, please dress them in coordinating outfits. Families are encouraged to wear coordinating tones of warm or cool colors. A good rule of thumb is to choose two to three colors and to use them to coordinate your family’s outfits. Coordinating your clothing allows family members to show off their individual personalities while being part of a group.


Also be aware of busy prints and avoid large logos. Good examples of clothing that always photograph well are fabrics with texture, such as denim, corduroy, knitted hats or sweaters, and flowing fabrics. Dressing in layers whenever the weather permits is highly recommended.


{Personal Items and Props}


Suymey may also use a few of her "props" if appropriate. If you have a treasured item that will enhance your images she will be happy to use it in your photo session.


Tasteful personal items can give your portraits a special and timeless touch. Favorites such as a beloved bunny, a fun chair, an umbrella and rain boots, a lollipop, a tricycle or your child’s favorite toy are great ways to enhance your portraits while preserving treasured items.


If you are having a difficult time choosing what to wear or what to bring to your session, please email Suymey Benson at for advice or bring several different outfits to your session to give you room to better determine which outfits will work best for you.



{The Fine Print}


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