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"I want to thank Suymey Benson and her creation of Blossom Portraiture from the bottom of my heart for giving us a beautiful photograph representing our engagement. As a testament to her true personality she was sincere, patient, and encouraging. The portrait session that we experienced has completely changed my perspective on having pictures taken, as I would have never thought that I would have a hard time choosing a good picture as every one was beyond perfect. Suymey has absolutely mastered the science behind the timing of "capturing the moment" but more impressively she was able to capture our personalities and our love for one another in a single snap. We now have a tangible and permanent reminder of a moment, that without her expertise and her genuine love for her art, would have been fleeting. Obrigado. "~M. Bohac

"Suymey Benson captured our hearts with the stunning pictures she took of our newborn daughter. She has an exceptional talent in utilizing natural light so that your portraits look natural and bright. Suymey came prepared with several props and had many ideas of how to get our baby girl to look her very best for each frame she shot. It was an absolute pleasure to see Suymey in action, to see the beautiful work she produces and to know that she puts her very heart and soul into each photo session she is a part of. We will definitely be returning again for a full family portrait in the future!" ~L. Majoue

"Dear Suymey, You are AMAZING! Alexis had a ball during her first professional photo shoot and you did an AWESOME job! We LOVE her photos! Beauty is such a precious, artful thing, and it is the most powerful thing of all to help people feel truly beautiful themselves. Suymey, thank you for capturing that for our daughter Alexis. You have an exquisite eye for creative expressions and bring out meaningful details. More importantly, you brought such a warm and cheerful attitude to the day. Life is in the details, and a thousand words couldn’t thank you enough for catching so much in so little time. I would unhesitatingly recommend Blossom Portraiture Art to anyone looking for a professional and child photographer. She captures your most precious events. I consider myself blessed to have her take our daughter’s first professional photos; who inspires to be our next “Top Model”! I predict Blossom Portraiture Art will go far. We thank you again."~Annette & Alexis Williams.

"What a wonderful experience working with Blossom Portraiture Art and Suymey! She is a professional and creative photographer producing very high quality work. When we shared our final photo gallery with family, the responses were so complimentary. The feedback reflects what every photographer wants to accomplish. My mother said, " I was looking at the pictures, I just cried..." Other family members loved the pictures as well, placing individual orders, along with the different packages we ordered for our family. Suymey has helped us create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. We appreciate her so much!"~Boak Family

"Suymey Benson was such a delight to work with, her unique, fun, boutique style of photography captures the art in life. When I got to see the pictures I was over the moon they are so beautiful and capture my daughter's personality perfectly. Our session was very fun and relaxing with no pressure, it was ultimately a wonderful experience for both my daughter and I. I am thankful to have been able to work with such a talented individual, you can really tell Suymey puts her heart into every pictures, the outcome is just Beautiful!!" ~Leah and Gracie

"Suymey is a truly wonderful professional to work with! She had wonderful ideas for capturing my 8 month-old's personality as well as the patience to work with a baby that young! The photographs were truly remarkable and the envy of all my friends. I can't wait to work with her through the years to capture my daughter's youth!"~ Stephanie Allen

“We had a great experience with Blossom Portraiture Art. Suymey made our 2 year-old son feel at ease immediately at the beginning of his photo session. She paid attention to the details, even inquiring about his interests and attire prior to the session. She offered advice on preparation for the session too. The result was a set of beautiful photographs that captured our son’s personality without a fake smile. We would highly recommend Suymey as a photographer and plan to use her for our future family photos.” ~Bailey Family

"Suymey of Blossom Portraiture Art is an absolute treasure not only to me, but to photography as a whole. Her talent and eye are unsurpassed. I had in mind what I wanted or expected from the photos and she came up with so much more than I could have ever envisioned! The photos are more than great shots of the clothing, she has truly captured the "...enchantment in every garment" (my tagline). She has taken something that I take great pride in, my garments, and has awoken each item's unique personality. I have enjoyed not only seeing the results of her work, but working with her as a person as well. She is extremely attentive, professional and communicates effectively. I look forward to working with her in the future on many new projects as well as photographing my own children." ~K., Ashley Lynne Boutique

"Words can not aptly describe the wonderful experience it was working with Suymey Benson of Blossom Portraiture Art. She is professional in every aspect, and a true artist with her work. The images I received were beyond my wildest was like she saw into my mind and the vision I had for my clothing...her styling was perfect! I was so excited by her work that I wanted to show it to everyone I know...she truly made my designs come alive. If you have an opportunity to work with her - DO Not Hesitate!!! Much thanks Suymey for all of your work and the gorgeous photos that you presented to me!! I will be back for more :)!!!" ~K. Gock's Frocks

"Suymey Benson is the best photographer I have ever met! Our family had the best photo session with her and we couldn't be any happier with our photos. She got some really great shots! She did an amazing job by her sweet personality, requesting a great location, getting the shots we wanted, taking us in last minute on the day before she left on her family vacation, and she even brought props for us to use in our photos. From now on, we will only use Suymey for all of our family portraits! Thanks so much, Suymey! You have a great talent! " ~ B. McCauly

"From start to finish, working with Suymey Benson at Blossom Art Portraiture has been perfect! Not only is she super nice and down to earth, she is a dedicated professional that truly has a gift for photography. Her eye for detail is evident in her stunning images that sparkle with life & color. Suymey was very patient with me as we decided on what fabrics to use for my Spring 2010 collection. She was always prompt in getting back to me with questions. She took my garments & created magic through her talented lens. I am excited and eager to collaborate with her in the future." ~Kerry Dashnaw, EarthGroovz

"Working with Suymey Benson has been a most enjoyable experience. Suymey is very professional to work with and incredibly talented. I gasped out loud the first time that I viewed pictures of the amazing photo shoot that she had created with my design. I was so thrilled with how she set up the entire scene. Every detail fit so perfectly - the model, the props, the location. Everything was just exquisite. I would highly recommend Suymey to anyone that wants amazing photos. It was a pleasure working with Suymey Benson" ~Erin Campbell - Lover Dovers Clothing

"It has been my great pleasure to work with Suymey Benson of Blossom Portraiture Art these last weeks. Her attention to detail and sense of placement are top notch. Her photography skills are phenomenal, and she captures just the style I am going for in my clothing. It has been a wonderful experience working with such a professional." ~M., Spiced Sugar Boutique

"We loved the photo session with Suymey, and received many compliments on the photos from our friends and family. Our 2 year old daughter still looks at the photos and says "That was our play time with Suymey!". We loved it and can't wait to take Texas blue bonnet pictures in the spring!" ~M. Penn

"It has been an absolute delight to work with Suymey Benson of Blossom Portraiture Art. The professionalism in which she conducts her business, meticulous attention to each and every detail, thorough and speedy communication with clients, and above most gorgeous photography, has made this an outstanding experience that I will not soon forget. I eagerly look forward to our future business together. It is my sheer pleasure to have Suymey's stunning work grace the shop of Two Seaside Babes." ~J., Two Seaside Babes Boutique

"Suymey, you constantly amaze me with your beautiful and poignant shots! I'm so very thankful to work with you on a project. Many thanks!" ~L. - Crawler Covers & More

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Suymey! She is incredibly talented with a unique aesthetic - she has been the perfect partner as I work to update the overall look-and-feel of the imagery in my shop. Her models are adorable and Suymey worked with very little guidance or input from me to perfectly style each and every shot. She has a very high level of professionalism and was incredibly responsive (and fast!) all the way through the process. I look forward to continuing to work with her to shoot the rest of my items. I would highly recommend Blossom Portraiture Art to any other small business owner!" ~C., BellaBlu Designs

"Suymey, thank you so much for the opportunity to have my fall clothing line photographed by you! From start to finish you have been such a wonderful, sweet, professional person to work with. Your styling and photographs really bring together the essence of my clothing. I'm just in love with each and every photograph! The locations you picked, the lighting, the styling....all of it together is such amazing work. I could go on and on about how talented you are! Keep up the great work! Thanks again. Warm Regards," ~Heather -Laken & Lila Boutique

"When I first saw my proofs, I thought I was looking at a magazine cover! Because I had seen your other work, I knew the shots would be good, but they were even better than I had hoped! Thank you for bringing my little outfit to life! You definitely have an eye for capturing both the overall shot and every little detail within it! The location you chose was interesting and added to the shots without becoming the focus. The accessories you chose – hats, hair bows, boots, etc. – were perfect! Your beautiful model was shining – you definitely know how to capture her. From start to finish, you are a pleasure to work with – friendly, professional, thorough, and nice. I love every single element of the work you did and can’t wait for you to do more photographic art for me! Thank you!" ~Lynda, Pink Chickadee Kids

I enjoyed every minute of my collaboration with Blossom Portraiture Art! Suymey was so organized, professional and pleasant to work with. Her experience was evident. I was very impressed by her artistry and creative posing and settings. The images are gorgeous and highlight my clothing perfectly! ~K. Morris, Eliza Kate Designs

"I have had the honor to work with Suymey, the wonderful photographer behind Blossom Portraiture Art. The pictures she provided for my company are stunning!!! I’m at a loss for words. I LOVE everything and I have enjoyed working with such a talented artist as Suymey. I will tell all of my customers in the Dallas area where they can find the most amazing photographer around. Thank you for all your HARD and WONDERFUL work. I look forward to working with you in the future." ~C., Pamper Little Princess Boutique

"Suymey, I am in awe of the way you have turned a simple little dress into a work of art! You have such an eye for detail and have presented the dress in such a charming, whimsical way. I am truly delighted! It has been such a pleasure working with you on this project. Your professionalism and talent are exemplary and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you so much." ~L. Handmaiden's Cottage

"Suymey has been wonderful to work with!! Her photographs showcase my items wonderfully and was just what I was looking for to hightlight my products in my Etsy shop!! I sent her my items and had photos within just a few days!! I simply can't wait to send her even more products for her to photograph! Simply the best! Thanks so much Suymey!" ~H., Tadpoles & Tutus Boutique

"Suymey, Your pictures are Amazing! You really know how to capture the essence of the person being photographed and you also manage to make my designs look spectacular. Not only are you easy to work with but you also have a great eye on enhancing the fashion and the look that I am looking for. I will definitely be coming back to work with you and will definitely be letting people know where to find one of the best photographers in the Dallas area! Thank you for all the hard work and professionalism you have provided me and my company…Amazing!" ~J., Baby Cha Cha Boutique

"The newest photos of our dresses were done by Suymey Benson. I absolutely LOVE her work & even hope to fly my daughter to the Dallas area for a photoshoot some day! She has such a talent for capturing the essence of the child. Her talent I have not seen in such a long time. " ~ K. from Ashley Lynne Clothing

"A wonderful working experience with Suymey. She was very professional and friendly and her work is awesome, something I dream to do with my clothes. She knows just how to set the stage for a beautiful shoot. I love the results and would be happy to work with her again! Thanks so much!! " ~M. Red Wagon Kids

"Suymey's work is stunning and her attention to each and every detail is evident in her beautiful photos. A wonderfully kind, hard working, and very dedicated woman, her personalized work has helped to put that "professional" stamp upon Two Seaside Babes and I am utterly grateful. It is my utmost pleasure to have her work grace the shop of Two Seaside Babes." ~J. Martin

"It has been such a joy working with Suymey Benson! She is professional, prompt and very easy to communicate with. Her photography skills are incredible and the photos always bring a smile to my face! Thank you so much for all the beautiful portraits!" ~N., Portland Beanie Company

"Dear Suymey, Thank you so much for the wonderful photos you took for me! Working with you, from start to finish, was a wonderful are highly professional, extremely talented & amazingly on top of everything! I love how you styled the clothing I sent you from my holiday line, and I was amazed at how quickly I received the photos. I wouldn't hesitate to work with you again...thank you! I truly appreciate everything! " ~Warm regards, ~Maggie Massey, My Sweet Kate.

"Thank you so much Suymey, for the awesome photos you have created for my Etsy shop. Your creativity is amazing...from the beautiful model to the perfect accessories and the unique background settings...everything is fabulous! It has been a super experience to work with you and I hope to continue our partnership for a long time!" ~Mary, Sweet Savannah Baby

"I happen to be on Etsy looking for a dress for my daughter and saw your photography name on one of the pictures. I have been looking for a great photographer for a while so I thought I’d check you out. Unfortunately you are in the Dallas area and I live in California but I just wanted to let you know I looked at your website and was really moved by your photos. They are really special, a true work of art. Amazing! So I just wanted to sent you a note and let you know how beautiful your work is. Wish you were close by to photograph my little family! " ~Sincerely, M. Lane

"I recently have had the privilege to work with Suymey Benson. The photographs of my dresses are so amazing. The shots were done with a lot of thought put into everything down to the little red toeless shoes, that are so cute! I am looking forward to working with her again in the future." ~F., Faith Works4U Boutique

"My newborn photo shoot with Suymey and Blossom Portraiture Art was a great experience. Suymey was very patient and professional while photographing my daughter and our family. It's the times like these you want to capture the precious moments of your little one. I would recommend Blossom Portraiture Art and Suymey's work to friends and family. " ~K. Jaussi